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Verre Eglomise is a process of gilding precious metals onto the reverse side of glass . We work with many types of Gold , Silver and metal leaf to create beautiful elegant mirrors and reflective surfaces . The application of ‘size’ and the drying process give rise to beautiful variations in the mirrored surface making each piece unique.

Our process starts with clear glass . Cut to size , edges polished and toughened .
Where mirror panels are used behind a heat source for instance an AGA it’s imperative that toughened glass is used .

the benefits of using toughened glass :
Heat resistance up to 400 degrees Celsius 
impact resistance
complies with British BS EN 12150 .




Dependant on your choice of finish most can be produced between 6 - 8 weeks . For our oxidised copper finish 8 - 10 weeks due to drying times .

If you have a deadline to meet please let us know and we try our best to meet it .

We will keep you updated throughout the process .


We prefer to under promise and over deliver.


Available on request .

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